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hey, I'm Ewa...

Singer, Speaker, Voice Trainer

Join me here as we embark on a journey of discovering the limitless potential of your voice. Here is where I'll share powerful techniques and insights to help you unlock better communication, ignite your confidence, and unleash your true charisma.

Get ready to explore, expand, and elevate your voice, while receiving a healthy dose of inspiration along the way.

Let's embark on this empowering adventure together and transform your voice into a gateway for growth and self-discovery.


Motivator. Learner. Mind explorer.

I thrive on exploration and engaging with others to learn and grow.

With ADHD as my superpower, I dance through life embracing the limitless possibilities and reject the notion of boxes.

I use my voice to invite others to join me on an exciting quest to discover and unleash the power of their own voices.

Public speaking is my jam.

Helping others to find their voice is my gold.

here is how I help:





Expressively authentic. Creatively guided. Openly grateful.

From childhood stages to church choirs and speaking competitions, I learned the art of acting, speaking, and performing from my late grandma.

I heard praises like "charismatic," "confident," and "natural." and grew up believing it was a special gift,

I became a professional singer and as I shared voice tips and techniques with others, I discovered that anyone could develop an impactful voice and confident presence through learning, practice, and my no BS, easy to implement tools.

That's how Speak With Confidence was born.

I love helping business owners and executives enhance their voice, stage presence, and presentation skills, and I am damn good at it. Plus, it is so much fun...

People form their opinion about you the moment you open your mouth to speak.
Your voice will make you either forgotten or successful.

It's not only WHAT you say
HOW you say it.

Remember, your voice is your signature.
Own it, train it, and let it soar!
Let's see...
  • If you’re tired of speaking to the room and not being heard
  • If you’re frustrated because your ideas don’t get the recognition or attention they deserve
  • If you’re feeling discouraged because your voice makes you seem small, shy, or inexperienced
  • If you’re tired of being asked to speak up or repeat yourself or
  • If you choke while speaking to bigger audience...
you're in the right place

call me or message me for a 30 min discovery call.

Let's see how I can help.

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