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Speak clearly, confidently, and engage  your audience.


Speaking is something we do naturally, and you are probably quite successful sharing your dreams, opinions and ideas with friends and family

so why is doing the same in front of bigger / unknown audience scaring the life out of you?

hey, I'm Ewa...

...and I'm here to help you to be heard, to overcome limitations and be a clear, confident, and engaging communicator and speaker.

What is your speaking goal? What do you want to say?
How much does it cost you NOT to communicate effectively?

Business deal?...
Missed opportunity to share your passion?...
A job?

If you’re tired of speaking to the room and not being heard
If you’re
frustrated because your ideas don’t get the recognition or attention they deserve

If you’re feeling
discouraged because your voice makes you seem small, shy, or inexperienced
If you’re tired of being asked to
speak up or repeat yourself or

If you choke at an interview and don't know how to get the dream job...
you're in the right place...

Let me help you help yourself and get your confidence back, 

Rock and blues singer turned  confidence and public speaking coach

Yep, that's right, I am a professional singer, musician and artist. 

- Back in Poland, where I'm from, I studied Marketing and Communication

- I have always been fascinated with human behaviour and I have been helping others find their confidence since I remember. 

10 years ago I discovered Neuro Linguistic Programming (it's much cooler than it sounds), and became practitioner, master practitioner, hypnotherapist and NLP master coach.

- I sang in front of 5 and in front of 10,000 people. Guess which one was harder.

- After 15 years of touring different parts of the world with a Rock&Blues band I entered a corporate world working in visual merchandising (once an artist, always an artist)

- I trained and motivated teams of some of the biggest UAE retailers.

- I am an introvert. As much as I love teaching and entertaining, I recharge looking at waves sitting alone on a remote beach. 

Thank you Ewa for giving me the courage and skills to speak in front of a group of people. I have always felt that I was too shy, until I did one one one coaching session with you. You are very inspirational! Your methods have opened my eyes to the many possibilities that are out there, and helped me realize how much more confident I really am when given the opportunity!

Debrah Moore

I want to help every woman become more effective communicator.

I really believe that WHAT you say and HOW you say it are equally important.

A good speech has the power to change your life, grow your business, and make a difference in the world.


I suffered from anxiety and public speaking since I was in a first grade and froze during end of year concert. I am a business owner and I need to pitch daily during networking and investors meetings and I must speak in front of my team all the time. What made it even more stressful is that English is not my first language. Ewa has helped me go from total meltdown to being able to do a 45 minutes presentation with no problem at all. It is amazing what a difference it makes when you have tools and support.

Thank you Ewa, Fatema D.

Speak with impact in meetings, pitches, and presentations

Sharpen your communication skills – in person or virtually – to give unforgettable presentations, move into leadership, and speak up on behalf of what you believe in.

I help women:

  • Deliver compelling pitches and presentations

  • Communicate their talents during interviews

  • Build relationships of trust with their audience

  • Confidently lead meetings, webinars, or conference calls

  • Speak with poise live, on podcast or on camera

  • Present at conferences or stages

  • Go naturally from the meeting room to the main stage


Speaking voice training can dramatically improve your speaking voice. Your voice, like an instrument, has a tremendous impact on your listeners, and it determines how people respond to you, even if they aren't aware of it. 

My coaching sessions will help you improve the clarity, depth, credibility, and strength of your voice. 

Through vocal classes with me you will:

  • discover your true tone, your strong, bright, rich, and effective voice. 

  • learn breathing techniques that will help you stay grounded and comfortable even when you're under pressure. 

  • learn how to use your entire body to become a completely authentic, powerful, and engaging speaker.

I have all the tools, techniques, and experience to help you unleash your potential and improve your speaking voice, whether you're losing your voice, having problems with projection or voice quality, or simply want to broaden your vocal range for speaking. 

You can benefit from my voice coaching if you have one or more of the following problems:


·       Your voice gets tired

·       You lose your voice too easily

·       You mumble or talk too quickly

·       You get nervous or sound hesitant

·       You need a richer, clearer voice

·       You’d like a deeper, authoritative sound

·       You’d like to be a guest on a podcast or

·       You’d like to start your own


Thousands of people suffer from stage fright and speech anxiety every day from high profile executives, politicians, lawyers, to students. It's very likely you know someone who has some type of performance anxiety. 


Even if you think you're comfortable speaking in front of your team, you might find it challenging to talk in front of a larger, more diverse crowd. This is because public speaking is highly contextualized.


As a musician and singer I performed on all kinds of stages and yet when I had to deliver my first speech during sales conference, and there was no band behind me playing music to support my voice, and I swapped my stage clothes into a business attire, I almost froze.

It was a different location with a different crowd, and I was almost overcome by fear.


Stage fright has always existed. We just can't seem to get past it, and avoiding it is becoming increasingly difficult.

Whether you like it or not, public speaking is becoming vital in people's personal and professional life.

It's highly probable that your ability to feel at ease when speaking in front of others will be crucial to your future success at some point. 


There is no “magic wand” that can eliminate anxiety completely. The good news is, there are important skills you can learn easily to keep fear from taking over your performance. These tried-and-true methods will produce amazing results that will make you a powerful and engaging speaker.

overcome stage freight and anxiety


presentation skills and media
presence coaching

 During coaching sessions with me I will help you effectively incorporate your own personality, experience, and passion into your speech or presentation so you can create a real impact on your audience. 

Depending on your needs, I'll concentrate on the following five aspects of speaking: 

  • Using your own personal stories to craft an impactful message 

  • Calming your nerves and giving your voice more strength 

  • Using nonverbal delivery methods that are engaging 

  • Increasing and strengthening your executive presence 

  • Developing a simple and consistent structure for preparation and practice


You will learn to:

  • Create compelling content

  • Prepare effectively

  • Project a relaxed, confident image

  • Make a powerful connection with your listeners

  • Be memorable



You won’t learn to speak like anyone else; you’ll develop your own authentic speaking style.


call me or message me for a 30 min discovery call.

Let's see how I can help.

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