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Meet Ewa

From rocking the the stages, to teaching people to rock theirs
Not a typical public speaking coach...

Founder, Speaker, and Communication Trainer. She's a Master of NLP, lover of all art, vanilla ice cream, and heartful laughs.

With her wealth of experience as a professional singer and now a trainer for entrepreneurs, Ewa is on a mission to equip you with powerful techniques to master your voice.

Imagine being able to share your dreams, sell, inspire, motivate, and grow with absolute confidence.

With her no BS approach to voice development and powerful public speaking tools she has helped many to control their voice, overcome their fears and speak with confidence and impact.

Through a powerful journey, she helps clients discover the true potential of their voice and unlocks their vocal capabilities to unimaginable levels.

Having certifications like Master NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and a 20+ year corporate career in marketing and communication, Ewa brings a unique and fun teaching style that sets her apart in her field.

Whether you're looking to speak in public, pitch your business, excel in sales, or simply wow a crowd, you've come to the right place.

Ewa will reveal hidden abilities within your voice and employ mind-bending techniques to awaken your confidence and charisma.

Get ready to take the stage like never before!

In singing, I find freedom.
In open space, I find peace.
In teaching others, I find joy.

Fun Facts

My gift of ADHD makes me an idea machine. If there is a Zombie apocalypse, you want me around —
I thrive in crises.
I grew up channelling my inner MacGyver, fixing stuff with hairpins like a pro.
Parallel and reverse parking is my kingdom, though I'm still perfecting those boss-level corner turns.
Honesty is my policy—if I say you look nice, you truly do. No lies here!
I am a referral machine — when I love a service or product, everyone hears about it.
Back in college, I believed life was infinite, and guess what? I still believe it at the age of 50.
I sang in front of 10,000 people and it was AWESOME — I'm addicted to the damn show!
I juggle between "I can't stand the crowds" and "Give me the biggest crowd to speak to — the bigger, the better."
Getting lost in the wild is just a temporary adventure for me — I always find my way back home. Another reason to have me around when Zombies attack.
If I had my way, vanilla and chocolate ice cream would be my main course. Can someone please invent healthy ice cream dinners already?

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Prepare to be amazed by the magic of Ewa's PowerPoint skills as she elevates your presentations to a whole new level of effectiveness and success. 
Work alongside a professional singer and performer to unlock the full potential of your voice.
Unleash your vocal power and conquer the stage with training sessions that are packed with life-changing tools. 
With every spoken word, you hold the power to shape perceptions and make a lasting impression. You don't need to discard your current voice. You may just need to reshape, refresh, and expand it to embody confidence while staying true to your authentic self. In this journey of alignment, authenticity flourishes, and with authenticity comes unwavering confidence.


Who does Speak With Confidence serve:

Entrepreneurs who want to pitch their business ideas.

Executives seeking to enhance their leadership presence and deliver impactful presentations.

Performers who aspire to amplify their stage presence and connect deeply with their audience.

Aspiring public speakers who are eager to overcome their fears and unleash their true potential on stage.

Solopreneurs looking to elevate their personal brand and effectively communicate their unique value proposition.

Seasoned speakers aiming to refine their skills and take their speaking engagements to new heights.

And many more passionate individuals ready to embrace their voice and unleash their authentic power.

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